riskHive Sentinel
Active scanning KRI dashboard
The pace at which data changes and information travels increases daily.
Sentinel tracks all the things that can affect your business in real-time.
Sentinel keeps its eyes on your world, so you don't miss a thing.


Set a watch on natural phenomenon like weather or catastrophes that may affect you and initiate appropriate action.


Track multiple live data feeds like rates, income, share prices, commodity values or indicators. Normalise, scale and link to KRIs.


Monitor geopolitical issues as they arise by geo-location, keyword or outcome. Link these to KRI cause chains in your risk dashboard.


Watch out for dislikes or comments that can harm your reputation or trends that indicates issues. Know, beforehand.

Real World Interface was originally developed as the horizon-scanning component for the risk radar in the riskHive Enterprise Risk Manager software solution. In ERM it links to risk cause inputs, automating detection and initiating response protocols.

As a standalone service RWI can be configured to monitor the world and feed a configurable dashboard which displays KRI status.
This data can be used to feed corporate data dashboards with relevant and current information, contributing to compliance and risk appetite.
Latest news and updates
- RWI V2 Standalone application set for Q2 2017
- IFTT integration set for version 2.1 mid Q3 2017

Expressions of interest
The Real World Interface software is already available to existing riskHive ERM Version 5 customers as an add-on module.

If you are interested in learning more about riskHive ERM and the RWI module, or would like to register interest in the standalone Real World Interface that will be launched in Q2 2017, please click here to send us a message regarding updates.

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