riskHive Enterprise Risk Manager
Cloud-based RAIDO database
Designed to provide a simple and cost-effective way of centralising risk management and reporting, riskHive quickly and effectively imports, consolidates and maintains your existing risk registers in a portfolio database. Start generating information and reports straight away because it supports current excel risk registers.

Start small and grow at your own pace. A Project sized starter system is fast to deploy, configure and scale.

riskHive ERM system specification and features
System specification
- Industrial-strength professional database application
- 2048-bit data encryption and SSL application security
- Super-secure cloud hosting or local intranet / network
- Browser-based application delivery on any platform
- No client-side downloads, plug-ins or add-ins required
- High resilience, low data bandwidth, auto-archiving
- Triple-system deployment: Live, Staging and Training
- Supports 25 - 25,000 system users (250 concurrent)
- Super-fast deployment: up and running in <24 hours
- Start small and scale-up only when you need to
- Simple complete system backup, transfer and restore
- Sub-Google interface speed - fast click-responses

System features
- Manage risks, opportunities, assumptions and actions
- Super-configurable user interface and reporting
- Alignment with ISO, AU/NZ and COSO standards
- Project > Programme > Portfolio aggregation system
- Multiple hierarchical data organisation structures
- Simultaneous multiple languages and currencies
- Qualitative and quantitative assessment and reporting
- NEC3 Trend (emerging risk) management process
- Fast and easy import / export of data and information
- Advanced interactive data graphics; bow-ties, word-
clouds, map-views, radials, heatmaps and risk-radars
- Built-in Monte Carlo Simulation and Analysis tools

riskHive ERM application features
Global Navigator Map View
Displays projects overlaid onto their continental locations.
Click-through on continent to see projects by category and then select project to view in main system grid.
Data Field Completeness Chart
These reports generate histograms displaying mandated field titles and their degree of completeness or, conversely the extent of incompleteness of data.
Review Session Mode - made to make risk reviews
riskHive V5 supports workflow for interactive risk reviews. Using a split-screen approach, a list of risks - whether contained in a single project or a subset or superset from the whole portfolio - can be systematically reviewed, ammended (with logs) and checked-off one-by-one. A configurable data panel displays editable detail. The session work order can be captured and a review session manager stores metadata like session participants and minutes.
Monte Carlo Simulation
The system features the same industry-standard monte carlo simulator as the Arrisca Desktop Analyser. Online risk analysis of costs based on filtered and sorted data is as simple as clicking a mouse. Results are archived.
Word Clouds
Word clouds expose common themes and subjects by displaying the most frequently occurring words in the database. These can be filtered individually and composed of tile, cause, effect or all description fields.
Bow-Tie Graphical Interface
The interactive graphics of our Bow-Tie visualiser allow the user to more effectively define the threat-space by describing not just risk line items but multiple causes and effects, active controls and fallback actions. The risk information in the database can be edited and added to using the graphical interface with all changes being committed back tho the system for management. Bow-Ties can also be generated from multiple risks or word-searches.
Duplicate / Common Risk Finder
The system features an automated search facility to identify common words or even sentences within the database. All description fields may be interrogated and then applied as a filter to view in the main grid.
User Activity Recorder
The system keeps track of users logging-in and logging-out and also records what they have done so activity can be viewed over time. This makes it simple to identify users with the most and least data update activity.

ERM Dashboards and reports
Risk Exposure Chart
A fully user-configurable chart showing quantitative exposure and mitigation spend for all scenarios and levels within the nodal hierarchy, including node aggregation. Rebuild the chart on the fly with live-edit functionality.
Risk Summary Dashboard
A graphical view of the profile of risk by status, scoring level and classification with lists of Top 'n' risks by fiscal impact and by closest proximity to being active. Can aggregate from node and descendant nodes.
Risk Radar
Risks and their associated actions are displayed in gantt format on a timeline that includes project or business phases and milestones showing graphically when risks exposure and mitigation planning is active. Clickable to edit risk or action dates or assessment parameters.
Risk Landscape Chart
Get a graphical view of your risk landscape that shows you which projects or nodes are risk hot-spots and see how peer-level projects compare with each other. Select from up to six different risk measurement parameters.
Risk Radial Chart
Risks or project nodes displayed on a clickable radial 'bulseye' chart helps focus on the significant risks. Configurable using risk parameter selections.
Action Effectiveness Chart
Displays how much has been spent on actions that have been either successful or unsuccessful and indicates how much is left to spend on pending actions.
Risk & Assumption Heatmaps
These reports generate familiar PID heatmaps for any scored impact type for any mitigation scenario. Click-through takes you straight to the detail.
Risk Profile Chart
Understand the nature and distribution of risk types your business is exposed to. This chart provides a summary of risks and a histogram of number of risks in each category plus the quantitative risk exposure for each category.

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